For the past 15 years, Ms. Gustafson has represented clients through all phases of the litigation process in both civil and criminal cases. From large financial institutions to local business owners and individuals, Ms. Gustafson has successfully litigated thousands of cases in both State and Federal Court, from motion practice through trial. While she firmly believes that litigation is a last resort, she is prepared to follow all cases through trial.


In law school, and for the 2 years following, she was a law clerk and associate attorney at the Gegen Law Firm under the learned tutelage of retired Dakota County District Court Judge Charles F. Gegen in a practice devoted to criminal defense matters.


Whether the forum is conciliation court (small claims) or a multi-million dollar dispute, Ms. Gustafson’s litigation experience and temperament provides her client’s with excellent results.

“I was really in a bind with a tenant not paying and being quite aggressive and Ihad Mercedes take a look at my lease and find a way for us to force them out and quickly! It was a loophole and she wasable to spot that and get it executed promptly for me to stop the bleeding of non-paying aggressive tenants, legally.”

–Shawn S.