Legal Consulting

Ms. Gustafson has been representing small businesses in Minnesota since 2005. If you are interested in forming your own business, she is a great resource to provide consulting services to small business owners.  Contract review and negotiation is essential to avoid expensive litigation in the future and Ms. Gustafson is a skilled negotiator and has practiced year of contract litigation. From navigating official entity formation to entity dissolution, Ms. Gustafson can provide valuable insight and advice.

“Mercedes Gustafson is a friend of mine from high school.  Having reconnected with her in recent years, I find her to be much the same person she was back then.  Brilliant, helpful, and eager to put her knowledge to good use.  Several times over the past few years, she has advised me on legal matters affecting both my personal and professional life.  I recently began operating a small animal rescue (Suzie’s Cat Refuge), for which Mercedes has helped in every capacity from drafting adoption and foster volunteer contracts, to running criminal background checks on my adoption applicants.  She has done these things while providing a happy and stable home for her two children, and she has never charged me a dime for her services.  In meeting with her, I believe you will find she would be a highly valuable asset to your team.”

–Rachel P.